A/B Day Management

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional schooling as we know it will have to change to ensure the safety of students and staff. Administrators are turning to unique solutions to accommodate the times, including a split A/B day schedule to better manage the number of students interacting with one another. Half of the students will attend class in-person, while the other half will attend their classes virtually; then alternate. Making this adjustment can be a logistical nightmare for administrators and teachers as they manage a constantly rotating classroom. 

The first step is to implement a reliable e-learning platform that allows for virtual class meetings and real-time testing capabilities. BrightShift is the perfect solution for schools looking to improve the online learning experiences of their students. The spring semester was hectic for many making the sudden jump to virtual learning. Help your school upgrade their process for the fall and ensure all of your students and staff are on the same page as they navigate this new path. Provide quality learning no matter where your students are with our secure and dynamic platform.

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