Cheat Detection When Testing Goes Virtual

The new fall semester is fast approaching and many districts have elected to turn to online learning to prioritize the health and safety of their communities. Teachers all across the country will be doing their best to provide a quality learning environment that also includes the continued examination of their students’ progress. Now more than ever, maintaining academic integrity with online testing is a top concern for educators who need an accurate picture of what their students are retaining.

BrightShift’s online assessment software helps teachers monitor their students’ activity while testing is in progress. Receive updates on any questionable activity, like minimizing the exam window or the use of additional web pages. This automatic feature takes one additional worry off of teachers’ plates, giving them peace of mind as they analyze student progress. 

Educators all over the country are adapting to this new landscape and need help finding the right tools to continue doing their job. BrightShift is here to offer a reliable space for schooling to continue. We can help you to narrow down the main points to consider as you prepare for a new school year during an unprecedented and unpredictable time.