OSHA 10 General Industry


This course is intended to provide general industry workers with awareness of the common job-related safety and health hazards, as well as an awareness of the history and purpose of OSHA and major OSHA requirements such as Hazard Communication and the use of proper PPE. This course meets OSHA compliance standards and regulations, meaning your learners will achieve the same learning objectives as people who complete the OSHA 10 Authorized course, with the added benefit of updated content and enhanced animation and interactivity. Learners will not receive a DOL OSHA 10 card, but will receive a SafetySkills certificate of completion.

Course Topics
Mandatory Topics:
Introduction to OSHA - 2 hours
Fire Safety - 1 hour
Electrical Safety - 1 hour
Hazard Communication - 1 hour
Personal Protective Equipment - 1 hour
Walking and Working Surfaces (Slips, Trips and Falls) - 1 hour

Electives (must complete at least 3 hours of elective content):
Bloodborne Pathogens - 0.5 hour
Confined Space - 0.5 hour
Ergonomics - 0.5 hour
Fall Protection - 0.75 hour
First Aid - 0.5 hour
Hazardous Materials Classification - 0.5 hour
Hazardous Waste - 0.5 hour
Industrial Hygiene - 0.25 hour
Safety Analysis - 0.5 hour
Machine Guarding - 0.5 hour
Materials Handling - 0.5 hour
Safety and Health Programs - 0.5 hour

Component Courses:
This course is comprised of a collection of SafetySkills course titles. For more information about the contents of each section, see the course description and syllabus for the component courses.

Introduction to OSHA
INOSH-1.2 Introduction to OSHA
OSH-3.2 OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping
OGS-45.2 Accident Prevention Signs and Tags

Fire Safety
FRS-1.2 Fire Safety
FRS-2.2 Portable Fire Extinguishers
EMR-1.2 Emergency Response

Electrical Safety
ELT-1.2 Electrical Safety
ELT-2.2 Electrical Safety - Grounding
ELT-3.2 Electrical Safety above 601 Volts
ELT-4.2 Electrical Safety - Arc Flash

Hazard Communication
HZC-1.2 Hazard Communication
MSD-1.2 Safety Data Sheets
OGS-54.2 Access to Medical Records

Personal Protective Equipment
PPE-1.2 Personal Protective Equipment
HRC-1.2 Hearing Conservation
RSP-1.2 Respiratory Protection

Walking and Working Surfaces
STF-1.2 Slips, Trips and Falls
LDR-1.2 Ladder Safety
FAL-1.2 Fall Protection

Bloodborne Pathogens
BBP-1.2 Bloodborne Pathogens
Confined Space
CFS-1.2 Confined Space Awareness
ERG-1.2 Industrial Ergonomics
JSA-2.2 Back Injury Prevention

Fall Protection
FAL-2.2 Active Fall Protection Systems
SCF-1.2 Scaffold Safety
BSS-2.2 Aerial Lift Safety

First Aid
BFA-1.2 Basic First Aid
Hazardous Materials Classification
HZM-1.2 Hazardous Materials Classification - Basic
HZM-2.2 Hazardous Materials Classification - Explosives

Hazardous Waste
HZW-1.2 Hazardous Waste Awareness
UWM-1.2 Universal Waste Awareness

Industrial Hygiene
IND-1.2 Industrial Hygiene
Safety Analysis
AUD-1.2 Performing Safety Audits
JSA-1.2 Job Hazard Analysis

Machine Guarding
MCG-1.2 Machine Guarding
PPE-2.2 Hand and Pinch Point Safety

Materials Handling
MAT-1.2 Materials Handling
Safety and Health Programs
INV-1.2 Incident Investigation
SWA-1.2 Stop Work Authority