Features Brightshift, a Summit Global company, provides an innovative online platform with a powerful testing environment.

Learning Modules

More than just a testing platform, BrightShift allows you to add learning elements to exams. Easily import and customize videos, PDFs, essays, and complex questions for your students to review prior to assessing their comprehension.

Question Banks

Save time with BrightShift’s question banks. These questions are easily accessible when creating tests. Question options include True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Essay, Short Answer, Fill in the Blank, and Grid options.

Testing Options

Efficiently create and archive questions and tests for any unit or subject you may be teaching now, or in the future, with BrightShift’s fully customizable testing environment. BrightShift lets you create, publish, and submit a 20 question test to your students in 30 minutes or less.

Chem/Math Formulas

For our math and science focused educators, we have you covered. Our question authoring tool provides dozens of pre-made math and chemistry equations, scientific symbols and naming, and a draw-to-equation tool. Math and science questions will only take minutes.

Test Upload

Already have tests you want to load to BrightShift? No problem! Our test upload module provides easy access to loading tests with our wizard helping to insure the questions, answers, and categories are properly imported.

Quick Start Wizard

Our Quick Start Wizard provide a quick and easy way to set up your account, create your series, categories, and rosters. Answer a few questions and we will have you up and running in minutes.


Administrators, teachers, and parents benefit from BrightShift’s accessible and robust reporting capabilities. Quickly find gaps in knowledge — down to the question across your school, roster, class, or even at the individual student level.


Have that perfect test your counterparts could need? Maybe you’re looking for a practice test to help students who are earning a certification? In BrightShift, you can create and share a test with the push of a button. Test sharing is currently only available within school or district accounts.


Ready to Make the Shift?

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