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We cannot control the circumstance

But we can control how we respond

Join The Shift 2020

The end of the 2019 school year presented a number of challenges that teachers, administrators, students, and parents
were not prepared for. Prepare your community to return to learning this Fall, ease the transition and plan for any outcome by entering The SHIFT 2020 pilot program today. Provide an online platform to your entire institution with easy onboarding and support, our team of learning experts will be with you every step of the way.

What Do You Get?

An annual investment of $5,000 includes:
20 Teacher Licenses for the next school year
Free administrator licenses
Free school-wide onboarding
Free school-wide student roster import
Unlimited student roster size

All members of The SHIFT receive FREE BRIGHT PROGRAM Training for every administrator. Four, half-hour sessions covering topics such as:

  • 1. School Onboarding

    For school-wide registration, set-up, and account settings.

  • 2. Roster Management I

    For roster creation, importing, and student key generation.

  • 3. Roster Management II

    For roster updates and data exporting.

  • 4. Test Sharing & Reporting

    For online test publishing that will be created by your teachers and shared with other staff.

Plus, FREE personal training for every teacher with four, half-hour sessions covering topics such as:

Registration & Software Tutorial

For account registration and system basics.

Online Assessment Tutorial

For test creation, importing and publishing.

Grading and Reporting

For roster creation, grading and easy online reporting.

Virtual Classroom Tutorial

For video conferencing, virtual classroom, proctoring, and attendance.

Make the Shift

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Equip Your Teachers With These Features

Online Assessment

  • QuickStart Widget

  • Test Importing

  • Import Check

  • Scoring Service

  • Rubrics

  • Math/Chemistry Formulas

  • Content Modules

  • Export Grades

  • Test Authoring

  • Publishing & Sharing

  • Reporting

Virtual Classroom

  • Secure Login

  • Attendance Recording

  • Classroom Features

  • Multi-Camera Options

  • Screensharing

  • Join From Home

  • Join From Another School

  • Workgroups

  • Clubs

  • On-Demand Sessions

Exam Delivery

  • In-Person Exams

  • Virtual Exams

  • Designated Proctors

  • Test Monitoring

  • Exam Dashboard