Why BrightShift

Summit Global, the company behind certification testing for ASE’s Entry Level program, Unmanned Safety Institute (USI), FableVision, and Toon Boom, is excited to announce BrightShift.

BrightShift is an innovative and collaborative online learning platform with a powerful testing environment. We combine a compelling student experience with a flexible and efficient teaching environment. BrightShift is the leading tool for educators seeking testing solutions outside certification spaces. Bring what has worked for our certification partners into any classroom, with
customizable testing and advanced reporting.

Your Time Is Valuable

After working with over 2000 schools for more than 10 years, we know time and efficiency is an educator’s top priority. BrightShift provides a bank of questions and tests for quick and easy online launch. You can build and publish a test within 20 minutes. With instant performance reporting, downloadable test results, and a streamlined dashboard, the clock is yours.

Real-Time Assessment

We know you need to track system requirements and standards. With BrightShift, you can create tests with categorical scoring that matches your approved standards. You can quickly see test results by roster and across categories. Instant assessment provides feedback on standard areas for classes and individual students, giving you insight for success.

Instant Visibility

Today, students also need detailed feedback and support. BrightShift bridges the information gap between you, students, parents, and the community. Students get instant access to test results and individual questions while parents have the opportunity to monitor performance in exams, quizzes, homework, and even extra credit. You can also share reports within your school or business for visibility across districts and organizations.

Ready to Make the Shift?

Start your free 30 day trial. Trial accounts offer full access and features.

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