About Us

Our History

BrightShift Inc. is the dedicated development team behind BrightShift. We grew out of Summit Global, a specialized, large scale consulting firm for testing systems founded in 2001 by John Sotiros.

After 19 years of creating robust assessment programs and working with world-renowned IT companies, large educational institutions, and nonprofits like ACCA, NCARB, the AICPA, and Citrix, we realized the need for a new testing platform.

BrightShift became our educational software as a service (SaaS) solution for the modern educator and today’s diverse school systems. Supported by our experience working with over 5,000 schools in the United States, BrightShift is a new type of virtual learning environment made for the future of education technology.

All for the Educational Community

We’ve come a long way from the time when good education required access to private tutors.

As technology develops, education becomes increasingly democratized. And a better access to education today means a better world tomorrow.

At BrightShift Inc., we’re here to empower the educational community to continue their passion and efforts in passing down knowledge in fresh and innovative ways. No matter your field, trade, or educational style, this is your platform.

We’re not here to replace physical pedagogy but enhance it, augment it, and free all educators from its physical constraints.

Our Values

We’re pretty confident that being an educator means you value learning and human development. We do as well. Here are some reasons why we do what we do:


We believe education thrives in a connected community.

Our technology ensures educator collaboration with easy test publishing and sharing through our content library. Dozens of question types and flexible features empower you to build the test you want and provide comprehensive reports at both the school and district level.

We also aim to facilitate a stronger sense of community between educators, students, and parents as a whole. Countless studies and social research indicates that students who are better connected to their support network are more productive and successful. BrightShift’s reporting, sharing, and conferencing features welcome the entire community to participate in student success an


In a changing world, user privacy and software security must be a priority.
Over the past twenty years, digital life has become part and parcel to many industries. That means you should not have to worry about basic security and access permissions.

Our products are created and hosted in the U.S. with secured access to only those who are part of a school and classroom roster. BrightShift does not track any personal data, browser and search history, or personal information.


Technology is developing faster than many of us can keep up. Unfortunately, not all educators have the opportunity to access cutting-edge educational tech and innovation. We’re here to change that.

While educators like you guide us through different perspectives and understanding the world’s complexity, the technology you use should empower that process. We’re driven to give you options and never force you to use features you don’t want.

BrightShift is as flexible as you need it to be.

Always Brighter. Always Shifting.

Good education empowers communities. Likewise, we promise to support you and your students through every shift in education and technology. Our products are built to encourage a brighter future in learning around the country, no matter a school’s economic circumstance, reporting standards, or education system.