We want to make connecting with students as easy as possible during this challenging time. We are happy to share that we’ve added some new features to help our education community

Hold a virtual class with your entire classroom in an integrated learning system.

Stay connected and engaged with students by conducting your class in real time with video and audio. Educators can also share their screen with students to enhance learning.

Remotely proctor and time assessments.

Reduce the chance of cheating and deliver tests online through our remote proctoring solution. View students surroundings and monitor their work during a test remotely, just as if they were in your classroom.

What's Included

Full Customization

For any class and grade level, personalize tests, quizzes, and homework assignments based on your students’ progress. Choose from question formats including essays, multiple choice, fill in the blank, graphs, and code editing

Unlimited Students

With BrightShift, there is no limit to the number of students that can be reached. Regardless of the number of students on an educator’s roster, the licensing price remains the same.

Test Sharing

Educators can share content, collaborate, and receive inspiration from their peers across schools within their district. BrightShift offers a unique community that not only unites fellow educators and administrators; it improves the educational experience.

Instant Visibility

Your time is valuable. BrightShift can grade assignments, tests, and quizzes instantly. It also provides customizable, detailed analytics and metrics that indicate performance and feedback where students may need extra support.


Users can also receive certification with ASE, Toon Boom, FableVision, and USI, with more programs being offered in the spring of 2020.



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