Virtual Classroom

All the necessary activities that keep a class rolling are now just a quick click or two in BrightShift. Space is arbitrary. You’re free to be an educator anywhere.

Software Features

Secure Login

Our one-click access, video conference meeting room supports screen sharing, audio and video functionality for all participants. It’s entirely integrated into the platform. No third-party apps necessary. No downloads or instals required. Only instructors and students have access and virtual classrooms are automatically created for every roster. There’s no link to share or leak. Your classroom is intrusion free.

Attendance Recording

See timestamps when students perform actions like entering a meeting, leaving a classroom, taking a test, and more. You can run a report on student attendance or activity records for real classroom accountability.

Classroom Features

Participation doesn’t stop online. Our virtual classrooms are just like a physical classroom. The built-in hand raise is  just now one, easy click. Students can flag instructors and have their voice heard. Educators also control video, what the students see, and if their camera can be turned on so you can minimize disruptions. If you need to mute or temporarily silence a participant, you have the option.

Multi-Camera Options

Connect more than one camera to your computer and point the frame where you need it. Blackboards and whiteboards, hand-on demonstrations for CTE instructors, or desk focused examples for your laboratory or design studio, there are as many ways to use the virtual classroom as there are subjects and teaching styles.


Similar to other video conference programs, our platform allows the instructor to share their screen with the students. Instructors can easily stop and start screen sharing throughout the session.

Join From Home

Many times, students can’t attend school due to illness or other restrictions but want a better alternative to missing lectures or content. With BrightShift, students can join a live class through our Virtual Classroom and participate with their classmates in real time.

Join From Another School

With Brightshift’s Virtual Classroom, students can now join a class from another school. Specialized classes aren’t available in every school in the district, causing some students to miss rare learning opportunities. Now an instructor can open a roster slot for a student to join their class virtually no matter where they are.


Group projects and activities are at your fingertips. Educators can create teams from their class roster and keep the collaboration going. Students assigned to the roster can join a virtual classroom and collaborate using all the same tools. This workgroup is available to only the students in that work group, at anytime.


Student interaction and learning does not end in the classroom. Clubs are important to the overall learning experience and help students broaden their perspectives to prepare for college. An administrator or club director can create a roster and provide access to the club instructor and members. Now they can meet to discuss fundraising ideas, event planning, or other activities through our secure virtual environment.

On-Demand Sessions

Instructors have the ability to create virtual classroom events on-the-fly. This application can be used to set up a partner or student discussion outside of school hours. Access to the virtual meeting will be only available to that student’s specific login credentials . These events can be used for tutoriting, discussions, or having parents join for a secured parent and teacher discussion.