Put down the pencil.

Stop thinking in multiple choice parameters. Free yourself from limiting platforms. Instead, imagine testing in ways that will truly innovate your classroom and guarantee your students reach their full potential. The BrightShift marketplace offers educators the opportunity to integrate third party testing into your BrightShift account. Now you can use BrightShift to provide learning and practice tests for your students. Through the same login, they can also take proctored certification tests.

Supporting Certification

Career Technical Education (CTE) provides students with opportunities to acquire the competencies needed in today’s workplace—such as critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, innovation, teamwork, and communication—and to learn about different careers by experiencing work and workplaces. Since the standards for CTE programs and pathways are rigorous and innovative, there should be a testing environment to match. Brightshift offers reliable and flexible exam software that makes online testing effortless. Our system provides access for students to facilitate the certification process with industry specific organizations and applications.

Online Safety Training with Safety Skills JUST ADDED!

Based in the USA, SafetySkills develops high-end, competency-based, custom-built e-learning courses for environmental health & safety and human resources education. Established as a training company that has embraced the digital realm, we’ve been in the safety training business for over twenty years.

eFoodhandlers Inc JUST ADDED!

Since 2009, eFoodhandlers® has worked with thousands of classrooms nationwide to provide food safety and culinary education. From basic food safety to advanced food manager certification, our leading-edge video instruction gives students a solid foundation for a career in the foodservice industry.

Toon Boom

Students interested in digital art or animation who are certified in Toon Boom’s versatile animation software will have an edge in school and beyond. We make it easy for you to teach by offering a range of ready-made instructional materials and educational resources to help future proof your students’ career path.


FableVision Learning’s Animation CTE program provides a unique entry to an animation and digital arts career. Based on award-winning Animation-ish software (an easy-to-use animation program), the program provides an on-ramp to professional animation. This inspires K-12 students to “show what they know” throughout every step of the process.

Unmanned Safety Institute (USI):

The introduction of “drones” as a tool and impact on the workforce across multiple industries is compared to that of computers. Our cutting edge e-Learning environment offers courses designed to provide award-winning educational programs and training for students that is flexible.

Add Your Certification

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