Exam Delivery

Start testing inside and outside the classroom. Use BrightShift to deliver your exam to any student, anywhere.

Software Features

In-Person Exams

Your students can take exams via a workstation while proctors monitor the process in-person or from the exam dashboard. More than 1800 schools have used our software this way to certify their students.

Virtual Exams

Experience the ease of testing through virtual exams. Deliver an exam to a specific roster at a set time then use the Virtual Classroom, or other video conference applications, to validate attendance, initiate the exam, and monitor test taking.

Designated Proctors

Do you need a third party to oversee your testing? No problem. Appoint official proctors to any exam. After they review and accept the terms of their role, they’re in charge and ready to initiate a test on your behalf.

Test Monitoring

Every exam is automatically monitored. You’ll receive notifications if your students close or minimize a test window, all within the platform. Leave third-party installation and complicated monitoring software in the past.

Exam Dashboard

Enjoy all the functions available to you and your proctor on the exam dashboard. See if every student’s attendance has been approved, unlock tests, check test status, and receive notifications on potential cheating.