Slips/Trips/Falls – Supermarket


Slips, trips and falls area major source of injury in U.S. workplaces. According to the Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls are the most common type of accident in the workplace and are responsible for around 25% of all reported injuries. These injuries aren’t always minor either; slips, trips and falls are the second leading cause of accidental death in the workplace. This course will teach employees about slip, trip and fall hazards and what they can do to minimize or eliminate those hazards. Employees will learn to identify general OSHA safety requirements, guarding for floor and wall openings, issues with stairways, ladder, scaffolds, loading docks and how personal behavior affects safety. This course is specifically designed for supermarket employees and contains examples and scenarios relevant to the grocery environment. This course is intended to assist the employer in meeting the requirements of OSHA’s standards for walking and working surfaces. This course is presented in English and Spanish.