Top 5 Testing Features BrightShift Offers

As classrooms across the country make the transition to virtual learning, testing becomes a major concern for educators. Everything from creating to delivery and reporting to monitoring. BrightShift stands out from many other educational platforms with the variety of features it puts right at teachers’ finger tips. Our easy-to-use software makes it easy for you to make learning engaging and impactful. 

Here are our top 5 testing features to keep your classroom on track this school year:

Code Editor

Not all subjects are created equal. At BrightShift, we didn’t forget about technology courses. We offer top-notch code editors that cover Java, C, HTML, and more. Autocomplete functions, as well as the ability to highlight and comment on specific lines ensures students get the feedback they need to succeed. 

Equations and Formulas

Every subject is different and the exams should be treated as such. The standard multiple choice format may not always be the most effective way to ask a question or test a concept. BrightShift will allow your students to insert the proper equations or formulas into their responses with ease. Don’t worry about holding back when building out your questions. Anywhere there is the rich text editor, there’s the ability to insert the equations your students may need.

Scoring Service

Teachers always have a lot on their plates. Virtual classrooms are no different. BrightShift offers an automatic scoring service to make grading exams a breeze. You’ll have the ability to filter by student, question type or test. Short response questions are open-ended and easy to review and grade manually. 

Drag and Drop

Create more interesting test questions using the drag-and-drop option. Place images, charts, or a variety of text choices into your exam and make the process more engaging. Challenge your students to look at the questions in a different way and interact with the content in a more meaningful way.

Import Check

There’s nothing like getting to exam day and receiving a flood of emails regarding test complications. Accidents happen, we know. It’s easy to mix up an answer during the data entry process or make a typing error while preparing an exam. With BrightShift’s import check feature, know that the assessment you publish will be accurate. Our software will review the content you submit and alert you if anything needs to be edited.

Are your teachers prepared to start fresh this school year? Make the shift. A better way to do virtual learning is here with BrightShift. Learn more: