Use Cases

Brightshift is a cloud-based learning and comprehension platform that empowers educators to easily enter the world of tech-based teaching, provide data-driven results, and meet the needs of all learners.No matter what type of educator you are, BrightShift is your answer for quickly creating tests, publishing to an e-testing environment, and accessing real time reporting. Join the BrightShift.

What Type of Educator Are You?
BrightShift is here to meet your individual needs.


Do you feel that you are duplicating work between students? With BrighShift, leverage your question bank to create tests on the fly and publish to selected students. You can embed images and videos from the web to help you provide learning elements and testing on the subject matter with ease.


A teacher’s time is valuable. BrightShift provides a quick and easy way to create and publish virtual tests. As standards and requirements continue to change, stay agile with BrightShift to maximize performance evaluation through our reporting module. See which standards require more attention or who’s falling behind with a push of a button. Share tests and results with parents to save time and streamline communication.


A university professor has the same challenge with time and assessment. BrightShift will help you create and publish tests, quizzes, or extra credit for an e-testing environment. Build, launch, and review performance all within minutes. We also don’t bill by student users, so no matter if you have 10 or 100 students, you can quickly and easily test your roster.

Corporate Trainer

While BrighShift was created based on years of working with teachers, we quickly saw the opportunity for the corporate world. If you need to quiz your staff on HR policies or set up a certification for specific roles, BrightShift is here to help you. Our question authoring tool will allow you to post a video, post questions, and review the status of video reviews and testing results within minutes. Our reporting feature lets you see results across your roster for easy access for leaderboard presentations.

Non-Profit Director

Our non-profit partners can find the same value as a corporate trainer. Let’s say you need to train volunteers. You can use BrightShift to showcase content (copy, PDF, videos, photos) for a topic and simply ask for a review confirmation or pose questions. We also offer non-profit discounts, so don’t wait to make the shift.

School Administrator

BrightShift is the answer for administrators that seek to streamline schoolwide learning and standards across departments. Migrate those summer work sessions and create curriculum and testing directly with the online platform. Build a test once to share for all your teachers and create category performance reports based on standards, with ease of reporting rollups.

State/District Director

A state or district director will see similar value in BrightShift. It incorporates third party certification programs including ASE Entry Level, ToonBoom, FableVision, and USI, with more programs coming on. This integration makes it easy for administrators to add certification credits across school systems and provide onsite access for teachers and students.

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